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The best creative idea I have had all week, and it ends up being for someone elses story.  Well, here is what I came up with for the opening paragrah for a new Vampire Lestat novel.  My personal feeling is that Lestat needs to kick Edwards ass.

 As the last rays of sunlight fade from the soft earth, I lay in my coffin, pondering.  Is it worth my effort to rise this evening?  Not that I have to wait for the once dreaded sun to go down to walk amongst the mortals, but as the saying goes, old habits die hard.  Will “they” still find me attractive?  Will they laugh at me when I tell them I am the vampire Lestat and wonder why I do not have a glittery glow?  Can I now finally return to reign as the “Brat Prince?”  I, one of the most powerful vampires in this world, still fear what others think of me.  Oh, my vanity, such a love hate relationship we have.  You have served me so well, but sometimes you are a prison for me as well.  I have been lying here far too long, waiting for just the right moment to rejoin the world.  I’m tired of waiting for that moment.  It’s time to make the moment happen.  Time for the world to know Lestat once again.

The Vampire Lestat