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I was asked by Shadow Von Blaksvn to guest host his WeltMuzikast, which I was happy to do.

About this kast.  This is archived 12″ remixes that I own.  I recently bought a Crosley turntable because I really wanted to listen to my old vinyl and back it up.  While it was nice to hear these old tunes again, the quality really sucked.  I tried to make it better once I had digitized the audio by adding EQ and some other tricks I knew, but it still didn’t help.  If you ever want to archive your vinyl or just want to listen to your collection again, don’t buy a cheap Crosley.  It uses a ceramic cartridge instead of a magnetic.  It sound worse than what you hear on the podcast.  If you are going to spend the money, get something that uses a magnetic cartridge.  Low end price would be around $129.00usd.  If you kept your vinyl, it’s because you care about music sounding good, and non of the Crosley or the like are good sounding.

Nuff of t he rant.  I hope you enjoy this step back into time.

You can find Weltmusk at:



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