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Week one of my two week moratorium clicking “Like” is done. One more to go…maybe.

My thoughts so far. I’ve not seen that much change in my feed, although it seems I see less ads on the right side of the page. A thought occurred to me this week about not liking posts. On one side, by not liking a post, but wanting to let the person know you did like it, forces you to interact more directly by commenting on it. But what if you think the post is cool, but don’t have anything to say? I can tell you with Facebook’s new algorithm that let’s only 10% of your friends see your post unless you pay, likes or comments are hard to come by.

It’s a way for people to acknowledge your post and you as well. There have been many posts that I have made, hoping that someone would at least like it, but alas, it never got one. At times I wish our own facebook page would have stats like you see when you are an admin of a page or group. It lets you know who many people have seen a particular post. I guess FB doesn’t really want people to see that on an individual page. Think about how detrimental it would be if you saw that no one was looking at your posts, even though you have 100 “friends.” It’s the same reason FB doesn’t have a “Don’t Like” button. There is enough negativity on Facebook and the world.

I think “Like” is a nice way to let someone know that you acknowledge them and their posts, but you as a user should not be obligated to “Like” every post you see. I am sure that there are people who “Like” many posts on their timeline end up seeing more of that kind of content, so be careful of what you like, or keep you likes well rounded and not just cat pictures and videos. Get involved with more groups and pages. This will increase your diversity that you will see on your timeline.

With these thoughts, I have decided that this experiment has not really changed my timeline here on Facebook and I will be resume “Like”ing posts.  I may be quick to like posts, but I do not like every post. I also click “Like” on a variety of different posts which keep my timeline from getting too one side on a particular subject.  Happy clicking!

For those who are doing this as well, what has been your experience?


Below is a blog by Elan Morgan on her experience when she quit liking things on Facebook for two weeks and was the basis for my own experiment.