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the-shadow-knows-1920x1080-full-hdInterested in reading and exploring the old pulp heroes of the 30’s and 40’s? You could try your local library. Between the library here and the inter-loan service that connects other libraries around Colorado and Wyoming, I was able to delve pretty well into the stories of The Spider and The Shadow. I have also found many sites that sell reprints of the old pulps and some can even be bought for ebooks.

If you go to Radio Archives and sign up for their newsletter, they will send you a link for an ebook of The Spider, who 1st appeared not long after The Shadow got his start. I’ve had a blast reading these stories. Some stories may contain ethnic stereotypes that was at the time acceptable, but can be difficult for us to digest today.

Other titles I’ve enjoyed and can be found in multiple formats (books and ebooks), The Phantom Detective, The Crimson Mask and The Black Bat. Dynamite Comics has been resurrecting these almost forgotten heroes back to life and putting them on the pages of full color comics! If you are also interested in viewing some other pulp magazines of the time visit The Pulp Magazines Project. They have quite a bit of pulps on line that you can view as well.

Hit me up if you want to talk pulps.