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Poster for Impresario

Last night, my friend Gil Moon premiered his one man show, Impresario. I was talking with Gil last week about how important a show like this can be. When we watch our favorite old time movies, we wish we could meet these people and talk with, or at the very least, hear an interesting tale or two. Sadly for the newer generations, this will never happen. Our heroes have all pasted on, and their stories seem to have turned to dust or become forgotten.

It is men like Hal Holbrook or Christopher Plummer and even the all the Gil Moons’ out there who take time and have the passion necessary to research and write and create a character you will not only recognize but will enjoy seeing in that dark theater for 2 hours. To see your hero, your inspiration just one more time. To hear their stories, to relive their accomplishments as well as their tragedies.

Gil Moon has taken almost 10 years in research into everything that is Orson Welles. He has brought together a wonderful set of stories that will bring you, the audience, to a better understanding of who Orson was, not as a young boy genius, but as a man who love nothing better than to tell a great story. Who would work hard just so that he could work even harder to bring his passion of film and theater to life.

Gil Moon as Orson Welles

Last night was our first performance of Impresario. We didn’t have a big crowd. Gil lost money on this one show, but he is determined to have at least 3 more performances this year, if not more. Orson Welles was not a house hold name on his first outing in theater. But through sheer will and tenacity did Orson achieve some greatness in his life time. I believe firmly that Gil Moon and his show Impresario will become recognized as the best show to see Orson Welles live and in person. It is also my hope that he will be able to bring Orson Welles to you, so that you can see Orson Welles, one more time before your last curtain call.

Gil Moon hosts two radio shows on 1310 KFKA, Northern Colorado’s first radio station.  You can hear him live on Sundays with “Senior Circle” a show for all seniors 55 and older from 10a to 11am MT.  Also hear him live Sunday nights from 6pm to 10pm MT for “Golden Years Theater”, a look back at that golden age of radio.

Check out his Impresario Facebook page to keep up with all upcoming events and news.

Also please see the Golden Years Theater Facebook page to keep up with all things radio.