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Some wanna be hip soccer mom plays Korn a little too loud on the radio,
while in the back teenage boys rest and dream about girls panties around their knees,
and outside a dog plays all alone.

Over head a jet flies away to some far and distant land called Trenton New Jersey,
a baby cries wanting it’s mother’s milk and ends up sucking dead air,
and the DJ has nothing to say.

A pigeon who used to fly in another life,
still makes bombing runs on Abe Lincoln’s head
and the ambulance runs away for its life.

An old man watch’s life pass him by sitting on a bench,
wishing he was once again in the back of a soccer mom’s van,
and the TV falls asleep in its static bliss.

The world spins and twists in its unending dance,
the universe says sit still, but we get too old to before we finally hear it,
and the rivers cut down the mountains down to size.