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Isn’t there supposed to be a separation of Church and State in the United States?  Why are we voting for a person to a political position based on their religious following? If I had the same track record as these candidates, would you vote for me, even though I am Buddhist? Why is a candidates religion become center stage to whether he should be elected president? I am really tired of political candidates cloaking them selves in religion and say, not in so many words, that they believe in their God more than you believe in yours, and that makes me right and just in what I am saying, even though what they say is contradictory to what is truly taught in any religious text.

I don’t care what or who you believe in. I care what you have done, what you have learned from your mistakes and what you think you can do to better us as a neighbor, as a town, as a state, as a nation and as humans. This fight of who has a better faith must stop. Why? Separation of Church and State! There has been none of that from campaigners, candidates or the media. It sickens me when I hear of some politician try and quote the bible to justify there stance on the issue, yet they miss quoted or or plain got the meaning wrong of the biblical text. It’s sad that our political system is a popularity contest of who believes in God and Christ, and it had better be the right God and Christ and not that God and Christ the Mormons believe in or those damn Catholics and their angels and saints.

Faith, any faith, can be a healer of wounds, a comforter during times of trouble, can bring a community together and perform miracles. I do believe that it does us as a people, to have faith in something. It doesn’t matter if you go to a mediation center, a temple or a church, or even if you are happy enough just to believe, but to have faith can be very healthy for us, not only in mind, but in body as well. I am glad that people are free to believe in what they want and to express it to the world. I just believe that it shouldn’t be part of the choice on who will be the next person in the White House. There are nations as well as voters, who do not believe in Christianity, those who we want to have a friends, are made to feel uncomfortable because our politicians are “in your face” with their faith that they are isolating people who don’t deserve to be.

Just say you have faith, and leave it at that.