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Know the truth, this is as bad as Fox News.  I was there in Denver and it was not this bad until the very end of the protest when they wanted into our capitol building to do their protest, which is illegal.  These pictures are not what this protest really looked like.  You have made it seem that the Denver Police are the enemy, and they are not.  

The protesters are not the enemy either, but your the photos that you have picked to use are not the whole story!  Where are the pictures when they marched downtown and back with no incidents.  You have only shown what you want to create anger and disgust with the government.  Those officers were protecting the rights of the protesters and they were there protecting us. They were protecting our state property, that WE have all invested in our democracy.  You have taken a protest of the 1%, the rich, to lets taken on the government because they are evil.  That's fine, I don't have a problem with that.  But trust me, the government, OUR government, isn't evil or bad.  

We have the freedom and the right to protest against our government.  You are upset because there are rich people and you are not one of them.  Big deal, it will always be that way.  In my opinion you are just as greedy because you want the 1% to be just like you.  It's greed to want something some one else has.  It's greed to think think that if I don't have something, they shouldn't either.  So why are you protesting?  Are you greedy?

There are countries who would rather kill protesters or jail them without trial than to let them protest.  This should be your concern, the freedom of all people.  There are places where women have no rights.  There are places where people can't practice the faith of their choosing and there are people who are scared because warlord thugs are killing anyone who stands up to them.  

You have shown me that you have no compassion and only worry about your self and your greed.  You protest that the state of our country is bad, but it was your greed that got us here.  I will not join you for Occupy anything if it is dealing with pure greed.  I would join you in the ranks if it was Occupy Freedom.  That is my goal and it should be yours as well.