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Sitting at work a little bored, I came across a video that has used tilt shift effects.  It’s when you take a photo and you make it look like it’s in miniature.

See some example here.  The video that inspired me today can be found here.

I decided to find out how to do it myself.  I couldn’t afford Adobe Photoshop, but there is a free software for both Mac and PC that you can download that’s just as good called Gimp.    After reading a few tutorials on line, I’ve produced some new pics.

This 1st pic is the orginal:

Original Picture

Using a Quick Mask

Using a Radial Gradient

Using a Bi-Liner Gradient


Stanley Hotel - Estes Park, Colorado

The Great Stupa - Shambhala Mountain Center, Red Feather Lakes, Colorado

To create these only takes a few minutes and are easy to do.  This effect works best for shots that were taken from above the subjects.

Have fun creating!