Here is another installment of my haiku and poetry!

As God’s eye watches
winters protector sinks down
to rise in the south.
Jethro Tull’s flute
swimming in my head
using it’s aqualung, to drive me mad.
Electronic tango machine
compress the dance to bits and bytes
forever riding a carrier wave.
Clothes lying on the floor
bedsheets are all a mess
moaning in another room.
It’s that time
to tell a little white lie
do you believe?
Jesters and jokers
the fools and the fool hardy
it’s a great day to be a prankster.
Too few greenbacks
slips through my fingers
into someone else’s pockets
The word has been spread
the seed has been planted
time to watch it grow
Sweet saxophone blues
play on the airwaves
then disappears like morning dew
Sleeping babies dream
a wonderland in their head
unaware of the changing world outside
One minute you are there 
the next you are not
sometimes impermanence sucks.
Quiet breeze
kisses your cheeks
The sands of time
slip through my fingers
and splash into a puddle of tears.
The blue sky darkens
as the sun sets on your life
leaving my heart empty.
Just as the world spins
good fortune returns to us
happy birthday to you as well – for Tetsu Kashiwaya
Rainbows aflame
creme filled sun
surrealist dream.
Breath held
electrified kiss
passion races
Rose petals cling
to the disheveled bedsheets
and to you.
Buddha on a lotus
blissful calm
in a pure land.
One thousand rose petals I offered to you
one thousand pieces of music I have played to you
one thousand sonnets I wrote for you
one thousand “I love you” I have said to you
are nothing compared to the love you have given me.
Reflective glow
your form casts shadows
evening slumbers await
Up, up away
can’t wait to see you.
Coasting down
ears are popping
ready to land
Visually raped
aurally shit on
scripts cheaper than a $25 whore
all for our children to ingest
only to be vomited into the great American streets!