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On December 6th of 2010, I was bored at work.  I decided it has been awhile since I wrote any Haikus, so I came up with one, which was followed by 14 more during my shift.  I ended up breaking my record of writing haikus in one day.  My last record was seven.  I post all my haikus on my Facebook page and some Facebook haiku pages.  I was told by one page owner that I should limit my posts to 1 or 2 a day.  I have decided to leave that particular page.  I came to the conclusion that creativity like this or any other should never be regulated.  So here in a single post is all 15 poems along with a bonus poem that I wrote yesterday.  Enjoy!

Hot tropical night
tension, sweat drips, bodies move
it’s time to tango.

Trimmed in red, white, green
ornaments sparkle and shine
Christmas time is here.

Golden Buddha sits
wisdom comes from emptiness
Shakyamuni, be.

White flakes falling down
glitters like stars in the sky
go up, ski down, weeee!

Swish, swish, swish, left, right
swish, swish, swish, down from up high
hot cocoa awaits.

Sun sets, pale red sky
mountains darken, purple sight
love Colorado.

Eight tracks and cassettes
memoires of the eighties
tunes blares as we cruise!

Honking all the time
everyone waiting in line
wild geese eating.

Black bird walks funny
searching for a bite to eat
that finch got it first.

Strange and bizarre dance
colors moving back and forth
parking lot ballet.

We bid you welcome
to our home of happiness
come and share it’s wealth.

Friends arrive this night
smiles and laughter for all
would you like some tea?

Sadness, time to leave
wisdom and cheer must be spread
to those that have need.

Heavy beating drums
16Volt is better than,
a gun in your hand.

Blurry eyed we go
to the 16Volt show now
ghetto we shall be.


Cloud covered moon glows
eerie light darkens, pitch black
the wolves howl no more.