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I am a hack musician!  What does that mean, it means that I am a closet rock star, who will never be a rock star.  I under stand music, but I don’t play it as well as others, but I try and I enjoy what I can do.  What I can do is take someones song and mess it up, and give it back to them, or remix for short.  I’ve done a few so far.  Only one was published, although I keep trying, and as I keep trying, I believe I get better in arranging and in playing.  I also, if I use the term loosely, write songs.  I’m terrible at writing lyrics, so I don’t do it.  I’m just happy enough that I can write haiku’s.  I see a lot of potential in the  songs I have written, but the just don’t have that final piece of magic that really good songs need.  I’m all right with that.  I know I am a hack musician so I don’t take my self seriously and try to make myself out as a serious and up and coming musician.  I mainly make music for me and every once in a while for my friends.

So what do we have here?  The first song is a remix I recently did for the industrial band Society Burning.  It was a submission to a remix contest they had.  I didn’t win, but was given permission to post it.  And as a plug for my friends in Society Burning (Twitch, Daveoramma and Boom) you need to get their latest CD “Internal Combustion” at http://www.societyburning.com

The second player is all my songs and other remixes I’ve posted so far.  I have a few others I might upload as well very soon.

As always, let me know what you like and enjoy.