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I’ve never really been into poems or haiku’s, but the other day I was chatting with a friend and they mentioned Twitter Haiku. I thought I’d give it a shot. Haiku’s are usually written 5 syllables , then 7 then 5. These are 3 words, then 5 ,and 3 since they would better fit in a single twitter. I will also add to these as I come up with more. Thanks for reading

On Music Monday
with choices I can afford
Ears ring happy

For Follow Friday
A celebrity it may be
will friend me


Tree’s grow green,
the sky’s are pale blue
I miss you.


Make Me Laugh
How time speeds on by
Happiness in tears

Loves beautiful face
a kiss from the breeze
moon glows bright


Black cat sleeps
poems take shape
I dream of times past


The Vein pulses
the heart beats distant scream
Caged no more.

(written for Peter Dinardi and his band Vein Cage.)


As music beats
bodies move through the waves
dancing as one.


Secrets are kept
the lies are made truth
shelter us nevermore


Leaves are fluttering
the cool air softly caresses
kites fly away


Dark smokey room
the spot light shines down
two to tango.

My sweat beads
fingers claw, dirt moves aside
my garden grows.

Summer showers cool
the Earth takes a breath
quenching it’s thirst.


The motor purrs
Strap in for a ride
Let’s rock n Roll

Steel strings vibrate
blisters on fingers, bloody mess
Power chords reign


Many paths surround
blindly searching the right way
troubled spirit waits.


Bellows move air
reeds vibrate, tunes are remembered
daddy played better.

(For Karen Stever)


Paths of light
some fade, others shine bright
knowing is near.

Path is known
the first step is scary
time for change.


Doors open up
many friends welcome me in
I am home.

Blurred images approach
I reach out, never touching
fading from me.


Shining lights warms
the truth lies within us
truth in love.


When I look at you
I have loved you forever
never ending light

(My first true form haiku.)


Blood, life’s carrier
Needles, sharp pain, sustaining
The cure can be found.
(For Angela Dimock)


Where has the day gone
we reach back for better times
forever stumbling.


Accordion bellows
Violin crescendos, wait
Lovers entwined, Tango.

Clowns of chaos come
we consume their lies, fresh meat
election year again.

Clowns of chaos stand
news crews, zombies like us all
salivate, can’t wait.

Clowns of chaos go
battles won, now to get paid
from our pockets, gold.

The Clowns of chaos once again reign,
but want to return if they may,
to campaign again someday.

(Last one was not haiku, but that’s the way I wanted it to end.)

Rapid pulse, blood flows
hands grip, sweat drips down, soft moans
Touch of heaven in your arms.

An angel sings to me
sounds lure me to ardent bliss
vows of pleasure gained.

Tears reflecting stars
a single breath creates life
the void becomes filled.


Peace for everyone
cannot be found in bonfires
hatred only burns brighter.

Trombones slide
Sax’s harmonize
swing with me.


Wait for the sun to set
At night the candles are lit
A night just for us.


Computer screens glows
music plays out the speakers
another wrong number.

Glass doors swing open
visitors want to say hi
no doughnuts for me.

Another coffee
hurry to the next meeting
it must be Monday.

School bell rings loudly
a mountain upon my back
find an empty seat.

Tequila Sunset
happiness at oceans edge
dreams of new life made. (for Corey and Dena Rupert)


The Meditative Rose
blossoms like the rising sun
surreal dreams begin


Late at work tonight
tired eyes slowly burning
the dawn isn’t here yet.

Landlubbers everywhere
mark the day for pirate speak
and set sail for distant lands.
(For speak like a pirate day, 19 Sept. 2010)


Head bleeds, thoughts pour out
can’t think strait, catch them, slip away
like fish swimming fast.


Tears are shed, heart bleeds
last breath taken, light shines down
into Grace we send you. (For Eric Hatch)


The clock wound down too early
we should have had more time, but
your happiness will live on in each of us.


Distant Galaxies
A fight between good and evil
help me Obi-Wan

Emptiness visits
my heart yearns for your caress
cool like mist and dew

The electronic web
tangled we become, content
the world from a box

Cold electrons speed
friends forever, never meet
the sun shines outside

Outside it is strange
fresh air, blue sky, children play
come and share with me


It’s sad how it is
I’m wanting to be closer
but I’m pushed away.


Lost, ocean of dreams
pleasures crash upon the beach
your warmth under the sheets.


The full moon rises
pumpkins smile with a pale glow
this is Halloween

Ghosts and goblins scare
beasts and heroes rule the night
loud knocks, trick or treat

Full moon glows, blood red
beasts give chase, victims scream, die
better you than I

Burned flesh, hells evil kiss
their nightmares finally made real
Freddie isn’t dead!


Early morning mist
lines cast off, ship underway
horizons we sail.


Oceans of dark blue
carry us to foreign lands
sea spray hide the tears

Many leagues have past
my thoughts of you never fade
sailing home some day

Black cat stares,wolves howl
witches cackle, cauldron boils
frights for girls and boys.


A new attitude
twenty-first century safety dance
just look at your hands.


The falling snow flakes
winters first kiss, trees frosted
noses glow bright red.

Pages crackling, old
cover worn, dust floats away
I love a good book.

Saffron robes he wears
a lotus he sits upon
the earth is witness


Snowflakes falling down
children sledding, parents ski
love Colorado.

Dark, frightened and scared
monsters are under the bed
safe, dad tucks me in.