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Why does it seem Americans are getting dumber and the rest of the world is getting smarter?

I saw an article today that made me ask that question…again, because it’s not the first time I’ve asked it.  Let’s skip all the other things like why we only learn one language, when everyone else in the world can speak and understand multiple languages and get to the meat of the problem.  Amish, a form of society that shuns modern technology, do not carry large amounts of cash or non at all due to their life style.  I know this and have know this.  I have never met an Amish person in my life, but I did learn about them in school and knew that they are the sort of person that would pull up in their horse and buggy to the ATM and pull out $200 for the next barn raising party they were going to have next Saturday.  See, you giggled.  It’s not something you would see at all, why, because you have be educated.

Well, now I have heard it all.  This past Sunday, these four utterly stupid guys drove past a young couple in there horse and buggy and thought they’d have some of that barn raise dough and did a U-Turn and tried to rob them at gun point.  Oh…think I’m joking, having a laugh at you for believing me?  Here is the story.  Enjoy.  Oh, and by the way, my kids and your kids and your grand-kids all go through the American school system too.  It is your responsibility to make sure that your children are getting the best education they can.


Local Amish shaken by attempted robbery

Updated: Monday, 12 Jul 2010, 5:33 PM EDT
Published : Monday, 12 Jul 2010, 5:28 PM EDT

LEON, NY (WIVB) – Sunday morning, an Amish couple fell victim to a terrifying crime in the Southern Tier.

Tonight we’re learning more about the case.

Usually Amish county in Cattaraugus County is picaresque and quiet. So when a crime like this happens in this small, rural – predominately Amish community – it raises eyebrows.

“Like the Old West when I was a kid. Bandits on the highway,” said Leon resident Bill Scherman when describing yesterday’s attempted armed robbery of a young, recently married Amish couple, traveling on a road by horse and buggy.

Scherman continued, “The car had gone down the road and turned around, and came back and pulled right up in front of them and blocked them right, stopped the horse and buggy.”

Authorities say one of the men in the car pulled a gun on the couple and demanded money.

The Amish woman’s father said, “They saw the flame coming out of the barrel.” The woman’s father did not want to be photographed but continued, “He had the gun right on them and he asked for the wallet. And then when they told him he doesn’t have a wallet he just pointed the gun a little beside her, and he fired.”

Authorities say the suspect vehicle is described as a tan full sized car, with 4 men inside.

Captain Robert Buchhardt of the Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Office said, “After about the third time of him demanding money and their wallets from them they explained to the people in the car that they did not carry wallets and they did not have any money.”

News of the incident has the Amish in the area on edge.

“I thought it was terrible and I thought it would scare anybody. It would scare me, big time,” said one Amish man who was traveling in the area with his family.

“Everybody in the community is concerned. Everybody hopes these guys get caught. We watch out for each other around here,” said Scherman.

The suspects fled the scene empty handed. The young Amish couple was shaken up but not injured. Authorities in Cattaraugus County tell News 4 that they are working some good leads.