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This is a new band from Seattle, WA fronted by Alicia Dara.  They are try to raise money with a pledge drive and they need your help.  There is only 10 more days left before the drive is over and they sit at 96% of their goal.  All they need is 7 more people to pledge at least $10 to get over the top.  What would this $10 get you.  I”ll tell you.  You will get the new CD signed by the band it self.  There are many other perks as well that you can pledge on as well and they have their 1st single post so you can hear how good they really are.

It is up to US, the fans, to help the Volcano Diary out. They do not have corporate label supporting them, they only have you. It is your mission to spread the word and to spread the wealth. Go to the web site and pledge if you haven’t already and then take a few extra minutes and post the link on your facebook page or myspace or twitter and tell your friends how good this band is and they need to support them. It is YOU, the fans, who can make a difference. Without you, we are stuck with Lady GaGa and Miley Cyrus and I don’t want to live in a world like that.


Photo from the Girls Rock Benefit