Want to know a little more about me.  This is a good start.

1. I love a really good scifi story, whether books, movies or TV shows.

2. I am a closet musician and I am working on a CD project. Don’t know if it’ll see the light of day.

3. Usually I end up going job to job to job. I’ve been at my current job for over 2 years now and I am now in a leadership position.

4. I participate in local community theater as a hobby. Sometimes I wish I could get paid for it, but in the end I get to keep my sanity.

5. I have been with Windsor Community Playhouse for almost 8 years now. The only other two organizations that I was or am part of that has lasted a long time was my stint in the Navy and the other is my marriage which has lasted 17 years and counting.

6. I used to work for a company in Boulder, CO that broadcasted adult entertainment.

7. I love music.

8. I play bass for the most part. But I can strum a little guitar and play drums and poke my way around the piano.

9. In high school I played trombone.

10. My kids are now going to the same school I went to.

11. I just finished 2 back to back plays where I had the lead role. Very exhausting.

12. I’m proud of my brother for wanting to throw down his wrentchs to go to college and study music.

13. My kids are 16 and 17.

14. I love sharing my birthday with Mozart!

15. Halloween is my favorite holiday.

16. I was born in Kansas and we moved to Colorado when I was 6.

17. I lived in Seattle for around 6 years. I miss that place. Wonderful music scene.

18. I’ve lived on both coasts of the US.

19. My two fav sci fi shows are Babylon 5 and Doctor Who!

20. There is this band I really like and I try to get other people to listen to it. Some laugh most look at me in horror. They just can’t get their head around the concept of Country Metal Rap.

21. My fav colors are black and red.

22. If I could live anywhere I want, I’d choose England.

23. I really don’t like American beers. I love English beers, especally John Smith’s Yorkshire Bitter.

24. Movie I have seen the most: Star Wars

25. Book I have read the most: The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson and Shogun by James Clavell.