I’m on twitter and on Fridays they have what is called #FollowFridays or #ff. What you do, you take some of the names of people who you follow or follow you and you say hey, maybe you should follow these folks too. I’ve had many people say that they should follow me – my twitter account is Duffyman23. I never get a hit. No one follows me. My thought was to forget ever doing this again because the lack of response.

Last Friday, I decided to give it one more go and try something different. Here is an example of what I said.

It’s time again to play #FollowFriday. Who are our lucky winners this week? Find out in the next couple of posts.

#ff A great 80’s band making their comeback, you must follow @wangchungband to get all the latest info on the new CD.

#ff A woman with a sultry voice, and a wicked sharp tounge @Betty_X

#ff This man is not only a great actor, but is also a writer and director from the UK. You know him as Mickey Smith – @NoelClarke

I will now return you to your normal tweeting…for now.

So you get the idea. I ended up with 8 new followers that day. Not because I had someone else speaking up for me, but what I said about others. I guess in the end, no matter what we say or read or do we still want to be entertained.