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So if you haven’t heard, twitter is now going to start have ads.  First it will only be seen if you do a search, then later, as time goes on, it could end up in your feed.  These are called “Promoted Tweets.”  They are defined by webpronews.com as “Promoted tweets are clearly labeled as “promoted” when they are paid for by advertisers. However, in many cases, they will simply begin as regular tweets that are organically sent to the timelines of those who follow the account. When a tweet is promoted, it will still have the functionality of any other tweet, such as replying, retweeting, etc.”

We can re-tweet and reply to these damn things.  Finally I can tell them to get the fuck off my feed.  I mean, I can’t do that with my TV.  The best I can do with that is change channels or mute.  And I’ll make sure to re-tweet to everyone of my friends that Stay-free maxi-pads will keep you feeling fresh, all day.  Idiots.

Twitter is made up of people who like to talk, so that means there is a lot of rubbish floating around.  Now it means I get more.  Great.  Wonderful.  Let’s take a good idea and flush it down the toilet.  I understand we all need to make a living, but twitter has been running for over 4 years now, what they hell.  It sounds like some big corporations waved a bunch of bills these guys face and they caved.

It’s sad that we can no longer have some useful tool to keep us better connected without some company trying to make money off of it.